RZB Rudolf Zimmermann, Bamberg GmbH appoint 3S Lighting Pty Ltd as new distributor for New South Wal

RZB Rudolf Zimmermann Bamberg GmbH, with its Headquarters for Asia Pacific RZB Lighting Asia & Pacific Sdn Bhd in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia are delighted to announce the new cooperation between RZB Lighting and 3S Lighting Pty Ltd in New South Wales Australia...(more)

About RZB Lighting

RZB. Rudolf Zimmermann of Bamberg. Made in Germany. Made in Bamberg.

Charming, narrow Mediterranean streets, picturesque buildings, the imposing presence of the Alte Rathaus (old town hall) in Regnitz, the opulent Kaiserdom – Bamberg is a magnificent jewel that was classified as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 1993.

This congenial and lively city is our home, whose name we are proud to use as a calling card, and whose modern infrastructure and rich and varied cultural life we are very fond of. Bamberg is part of greater Nuremberg and headquarters to a number of prominent small businesses with a worldwide reach.

For us and our customers, Made in Germany means Made in Bamberg. And a company that started out more than seven decades ago as a manufacturer of electrical consumer goods has evolved into one of the most influential enterprises in the international lighting industry. Our more than 500 employees devote themselves day in and day out to innovation and the challenge of developing and manufacturing luminaires of the highest quality.

Luminaire range

For sales and technical support in New South Wales - contact us.

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