Xicato Artist in Linear Tape form! NEW XLT

The Xicato Linear Tape (XLT) Artist Series is the first constant voltage, linear light source good enough to be called Xicato Artist Series.

A flexible, adhesive-backed tape solution designed for cove, display case, under-cabinet, and other low-density linear applications, XLT Artist Series is designed to match the lit effect of Xicato’s other Artist Series products, while meeting the industry’s highest standards for color quality, initial color consistency, color and lumen maintenance, and color and lumen consistency along its full 5m length.

Xicato is the only light source provider to give a long-term warranty on both output and color consistency, creating a strong case for lowest total cost of ownership and smallest ecological footprint, while insuring consistent lighting design quality for the life of the installation.

Key Product features

Color Rendering CRI Ra: 98; CRI R9: 95 // TM-30 Rf: 95; Rg 102 (all metrics are typical)

Flux Consistency 720 lumens per meter ±10% across continuous 5m length

Color Consistency 1x2 SDCM across continuous 5m length

Efficacy 100lpw Typ

Lumen Maintenance L70/B0 @ 50k hours

Color Maintenance <0.003 Δu’v’ @ 50k hours

Warranty Xicato’s full 5-year, B0. No failures.

Product data sheet.

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