Introducing LumiFi

3S Lighting is currently working with team @LumiFi on a pilot residential project to offer easy to control user experience to project with Xicato's XIM LED luminaires and other accessories such as XIS BLE sensors.

To learn more about the system and all the features please contact us.

About LumiFi

LumiFi is a wireless smart lighting control management platform integrating established 3rd party

IoT-enabled lighting hardware manufacturers across multiple wireless protocols into one seamless experience.

LumiFi offers a complete ecosystem that allows property and hotel operators to wirelessly configure, control, manage, and optimize their lighting environments.

LumiFi’s platform empowers users to transform the way they experience lighting with intuitive features and tailored light scenes.

LumiFi easily configures for different applications and spaces.

#LumiFi #XicatoXIMBLE #GalaXi #BluetoothLowEnergyBLE

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