Understanding Colour Fidelity Index - Rf

" The CIE Colour Rendering Index (CRI), defined in CIE 13.3-1995, in particular the general colour rendering index, Ra, is widely adopted and used by the lighting industry, in regulatory documents and in international and regional standards and specifications. However, limitations of the CRI have been recently addressed, especially for solid-state light sources, whereby the Ra values do not always correlate well with visual evaluation by general users." Source: CIE International Commission on Illumination

Xicato has recently published White Paper - Understanding Fidelity, where basic concepts behind this new matrix are explained and visually demonstrated for the specifier to be more certain about the LED source selection for particular application and desired outcome.

Copy of the White Paper here.

Would you like to discuss Rf or TM30-15 data on Xicato LED modules, contact one of our sales team member.

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