The Garden Office Park, Perth, WA

Rob Myers and the team at Specific Lighting in Perth have recently completed supply of 3S Lighting linear luminaires for The Garden Office Park Lobbies project.

Luminaires used on this project we 3S 800003.000 for continuous linear effect on the ceiling perimeter and 3S 805192.000 for highlighting the foyer columns.

About the project:

The Garden Office Park is Perth’s only genuine office park set on 2.1 hectares of land offering an unprecedented array of tenant facilities. It offers amenity, affordability and an attractive location for corporate tenants and their staff. The grounds are extensively landscaped with picturesque gardens surrounding a relaxing water course, fountain and pond. The public space ambiance and calibre of the tenancy profile is second to none.

Architect: Lyons Architects

Luminaire Supply: Specific Lighting

Luminaire Manufacturer: 3S Lighting

#TALEXXLLELED #Commercial #Perth

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