Beauty and the Beam - XTM 9mm

XTM 9mm for narrow beams and long-lasting beauty.

Xicato® XTM 9mm contains the smallest LED source based on the patented Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology®, exclusively from Xicato. XTM 9mm is designed for narrow beam accent lighting applications where contrast, drama and high lux levels are desired. Xicato leads the industry in color consistency with a warranty-backed commitment that after 5 years of continuous use, color consistency stays within 3 MacAdam Ellipses. This ensures long-lasting beauty.

• Very narrow beams with high peak intensities: up to 44,370 cd for 7.7 degree beam in a 111mm package (measured) • 700lm, 1 300lm, 2000lm available with efficacy up to 90lm/watt • Available in: Standard, CRI 83; Artist Series® CRI 98, R9 98, R15 98; Vibrant Series®, CRI 98 • Gamut Area Index (GAIBB) up to 120 • Industry leading color consistency within 1 x 2 MacAdam Ellipses and within 3 MacAdam Ellipses (C3) after 50,000 hours at maximum operating temperature and current. • Lumen maintenance maintains 80% of its initial output after 50,000 hours at maximum operating temperature and current • Xicato’s exclusive 5 year color and lumen maintenance warranty • Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology® • Zhaga Compatible

XTM 9mm data sheet with 3S Lighting application image of National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne -

For 3S luminaires available with XTM or XIM 9mm please contact 3S sales team.

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