XIM Generation 4 Launches in October

"As promised, the new wireless Xicato Intelligent Module Generation 4 with Bluetooth Low Energy (XIM gen4) will be officially released in October. More than a dimmable LED light source, XIM gen4 is a control system, a beacon, and an intelligent IoT (Internet of Things) node that fundamentally changes the economics of lighting control, smart spaces and the lighting industry.

XIM gen4 dramatically simplifies and cost reduces the design, implementation, provisioning, control and management of controlled lighting, while enabling new location-based information services.

XIM already integrates the industry’s highest quality light source with the industry’s highest quality driver. XIM gen4 adds Bluetooth wireless connectivity and the distributed intelligence required to respond to all types of sensors, switches, and mobile app commands. XIM gen4 is about more than Lighting. XIM gen4 can advertise Google Eddystone and/or Apple iBeacons, providing wayfinding and other location-based information about such things as museum exhibits, retail merchandise, or restaurant menus.

Reflexive Response

A reflex is a rapid response to stimulation that does not pass through the brain. In the Xicato gen4 network, sensors communicate directly with lighting and other actuators, without passing first through central controllers or hubs. The distributed intelligence of the XIM gen4 network enables rapid, automatic, simultaneous, and adaptive response to occupancy, light levels, or other sensor inputs. XIM gen4 is standard Bluetooth, and will be field-upgradable to Bluetooth Mesh in 2017 when the standard is mature. Most importantly, XIM gen4 devices and software are all designed and tested to work together seamlessly.

XIM gen4 is part of a total ecosystem with compatible software, motion, lux, temperature, humidity and vibration sensors, switches, and gateways. Built on the ubiquitous Bluetooth standard already in billions of smartphones and tablets, Xicato has opened its software interfaces (APIs) to enable third-party developers to write their own apps, expanding opportunities for OEMs, lighting designers, M&Es, and end users.

XIM gen4 can be installed into any of the many luminaires that are designed for XIM. Hundreds of XIM gen4 modules are already deployed in multiple live trial installations in Europe, the US and Australia." (local installation with 3S Lighting luminaires in gallery project in NSW - world's first with XIM BLE Artist modules!)

Source: Xicato September 2016 Newsletter

Contact 3S Lighting representative now for more information.

XIM comes in 19mm and 9mm light emitting surfaces, in Artist Series, Beauty Series, Vibrant Series, and Standard Series spectral formulas, and in a variety of lumen packages.


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