Australia Square - new Food Court features 3S Lighting luminaires

3S Lighting Luminaire Bars with 4x XTM LED Spotlights

3S Lighting has recently completed supply of 3 custom luminaire designs for refurbished food court at Sydney's iconic Australia Square Building.

Custom luminaire bars, each with 4 Xicato XTM LED spot lights, feature above the circular corridor of the food court.

Suspended "U' shaped bars with recessed XTM LED DLs were made to Haron Robson's design in various lengths and wall mounted signage luminaires with XTM LED were also made in matching copper finish.

Design by: MTRDC

Lighting Design: Haron Robson

Project Manager: Buit

Luminaire installation: Belvia Services

3S Lighting Suspended Custom Pendant with recessed XTM LED DLs

3S Lighting Wall Luminaire with XTM LED module

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