Braemar Gallery - world's first project with Xicato XIM BLE LED modules

3S Lighting has become worlds first OEM to manufacture project luminaires using Xicato XIM BLE Artist modules for The Braemar Gallery in Springwood NSW.

24 track spotlights were made for Braemar Gallery, which is located in Braemar House, functions as a community gallery, hosting changing exhibitions that showcase works of local and regional artists. S

ituated in beautiful historic Braemar House, the gallery is a valuable community venue.

Braemar has a particular interest in displaying works by local artists. Over time, the gallery has become well known for high standard art works of various mediums.

For more information about XIM BLE please contact our sales team.

#Sydney #XicatoArtistSeries #XicatoXIMBLE

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