Xicato's LED Technology voted one of the very best once again...

Congratulations to our friends at Xicato for being voted in the top 4 with both of their entries, shortlisted in the Kit: Best Architectural Lighting Products - Technology category, at this year's darc awards announced in London on September 15th, 2016.

darc awards - The Technology category refers to light sources, control systems and Internet-based systems where a luminaire is not part of the product offering.

The product categories for architectural lighting will also be voted on by independent lighting designers and light artists. This means that the winners will be a reflection of the designer’s experience of the products – whether they’ve been shown it, seen a demonstration or even used it in a project or test. This will be an entirely democratic vote and will not be influenced in any way by keen editors or advertising staff!

And the best products for 2016 are...... more details here

#XicatoXIMBLE #XicatoBeautySeries

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