Xicato Beauty Series LED - Darc Award 2016 Entry

Developed in collaboration with lighting designers and leading cosmetology professionals and backed by independent research, Xicato Beauty Series is a remarkable light source that makes people look and feel their best, while providing skin tone color discrimination that is equivalent to daylight. Beauty Series is the result of over a year of research and development. It began in 2014, when a global leading cosmetics brand (“ELC”) approached Nulty+ lighting design to help them select a light source that projected a positive brand image in their stores, while also enabling their beauty consultants to better match cosmetic foundation colors to customer skin tones. According to ELC, 80% of product returns are due to mismatched foundations, and the returned materials must be thrown away. The results are unhappy customers and significant financial impact.

For more information about the Darc Award Entry see here

Xicato Beauty Series Technical Information here


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