Xicato Intelligent Module (XIM) Bluetooth LED - Darc Award 2016 Entry

Xicato Intelligent Module with Bluetooth Smart (XIM BLE), is an open standards-based, integrated system designed to address the shortcomings of current control systems, including cost, complexity, and lack of interoperability. XIM BLE vastly simplifies and reduces the cost of designing, installing, commissioning, operating and maintaining a controlled lighting environment, and enables a host of new location- and data-based services.

XIM is a compact 48V DC module that integrates the industry’s highest quality LED array with a state-of-the-art driver that is perfectly matched to the light source. The Xicato Artist Series is the choice for museums, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and many other applications worldwide. Xicato Vibrant Series and Beauty Series provide high color fidelity with enhanced gamut for retail and people-centric lighting.The integrated, IEEE 1789 standard-compliant XIM driver provides deep, smooth dimming to 0.1%. Inside the XIM are multiple sensors that talk to an intelligent controller chip, which stores operating data on LED and PCB temperatures, light intensity, input power, voltage and ripple current, and other operating parameters.

3S Lighting is currently manufacturing luminaires for a Gallery project in NSW with the XIM BLE LEDs.

XIM LED Technical information here


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